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Hello!  I’m Katie.

Short version: I’m a teacher/grad student that craves mind/soul food.  I want the world to be less automatic and more thoughtful.  I’m a Believer that knows there is Good in the hard spaces.

Longer version: This space began as an attempt to find and recognize Goodness all around us, in both the lighter and the heavier loads we bear.  I blog a lot about that and a little about other things.  You might catch a post about a latest project, the books I’m reading, or where I am in the 7 experiment.  There’s always the favorite Lovely Lines {book quote goodness, in effect} and shopping for good experiments that pop up at least once a month around here…unless I’m doing a series.  And then it’s all the time.  And that generally goes over well.

Oh, and I’ve started a shop, which means that some of the book quote goodness is available to purchase.  On sale, as it happens.

A little about me?  I’m married to a music pastor and we’ve lived in beautiful North Carolina since 2009 {transplanted from the Lone Star State}.  Most of my family lives in New Orleans, where I was a kid.  I’m a Lead Teacher in an elementary school {supporting/mentoring teachers} and am working on my Masters degree.  So, basically, I’m learning to exist without sleep.  I just can’t help but teach and grad school is soul-giving life for me, so both of these things trump the pillow for now.  But there’s coffee, so I’m fine with it.

I love to read but don’t have time.  I love shoes, but I’m trying not to.  I’ve learned that I can go a long time without chocolate, but I don’t prefer to.  I like house projects with crates and shutters.  I want the world to be more thoughtful.  I’m learning to be better at honesty when it comes to the hard stuff.  I believe in great grace.  And above all, that God is the source of goodness through the hope of Christ, which is {by the way} easier-than-I-thought to find in all of the small ways.

I’m learning to be brave.

And finally, I love meeting you.  I love your emails, your comments, your feedback and the community of Goodness-wanters around the blogosphere.  If you have a thought, I’d love to hear it.  Email me and let’s chat.  Or follow me and let’s hang out.

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