Could you live on $1.25 a day?

I couldn’t.  Made it 17 days.

Have you heard of 58:?  It is an alliance of Believers, churches, and organizations {like Compassion} who are making some radical decisions to end extreme poverty {defined by the U.N. as living on less than $1.25 a day} in our lifetime.  You can read more here.

They have this game called Survive125.  I think you should play it…it takes just a couple of minutes.

And if you want to do something, can I give you one idea?  A small little thing that is incomprehensibly big.  You can sponsor a little one who is living in extreme poverty and for your $38 a month, that child receives all of this.

We have sponsored Joyce since mother’s day 2011 when Mike came home and said we needed to.  And $38 is only one more meal at home or one less trip to Target.

I’ve seen some creative ways to sponsor.  In high school, three friends and I split a sponsorship four ways, so we only paid a few dollars each.  When we moved to NC, I visited a Sunday School class who sponsored a child as a group.  Each month, a different family paid the $38.

So…play the game…let me know you fare.  And think about something you could do.  Even something small.

{P.S. – During the month of September, I’m joining Compassion for “Blog Month” – to help get the word out about this one small way to make a big change in a little one’s life.  Compassion has set a goal to sponsor 3,108 children by the end of the month.  Want to sponsor?  Click here or click below.}

All images from Compassion.

Sponsor a Child

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