October wildflowers

how to mend a broken day…

Roach on the kitchen floor. {ew.}  Spider in my closet, inching its way up my button-down. {worse.}

Within minutes of shutting down the alarm clock, the day was falling apart.

Insert all of the things that can go wrong with a day and you can picture how my yesterday was.  By the end of it, well – you know how those days end.  Usually.

October wildflowers

So in the afternoon, we drove north.  And stopped, and took in a little Goodness.

October wildflowers

In one little patch of highway median, wildflowers.  I didn’t know wildflowers bloomed in October.

Didn’t know there were purple ones.

October wildflowers

So we forced ourselves to stop and see His Goodness.  It’s still a discipline for me.  I don’t stop or pause much – these days or even before, when it was easier to.  But looking at those flowers, I knew it was grace.  And the day, then mended by something that had nothing at all to do with me.  And then I thought about God’s setting those flowers into motion…sometime back…and how in the world can the day continue on, broken, when you’re wondering about that?


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12 thoughts on “how to mend a broken day…”

  1. Enjoyed the wildflowers – good luck on the beginning of you blog. And, remember to take time to smell the flowers – you had to believe that was coming!

    1. Jen – I so appreciate your using the words “right now.” The older I get, the longer I know Him, the bigger He is. Do you think so, too? I recently read words from a new grad student who wrote, “The more I learn, the less I know.” It’s as if I connect that with…the more I know Him, walk with Him, and study His word, the less He is like what I always contained in the little box of what I believed about Him. Our small minds can’t comprehend it! And the bigger I find Him to be, the more amazed I am by His goodness, love, mercy, and grace – for US. My 31 days post for tomorrow – which I scheduled a week ago! – makes all of this…mind-blowing. :)

      1. I agree Katie, the more He reveals himself to me the more floored I am by Him. His love is SO GOOD and always present even when I think I’m abandoned. You have a beautiful story Katie, I’m gad you’ve started your blog. You had me with tears in my eyes as you quoted “The Hiding Place” and then shared your families train ticket moments. I love the specialness of the train charm your parents gave you.

        1. He is so good… I feel like such a newbie at seeing His goodness and yet, it is everywhere. And overwhelming. Thank you, Jen, for your very encouraging words…it means more than I can say! Happy weekend to you…

  2. I remember seeing wildflowers all along the highways around Asheville the summer/fall before I got married. They were white and pink and red–one of those combinations that made you look twice because pink and red were existing so beautifully together. I almost used those colors in my wedding!

    Really blessed by your sharing about the discipline of stopping and thinking on/seeing God’s goodness. It says a lot that your heart is touched by that and unable to move forward unchanged! Really beautiful post.

    1. I hope I continue to be that way…it’s still a discipline for sure. When we moved to NC from TX, I just couldn’t help but notice all of the different flora…even the different times that it blooms from what I was used to before moving. It dawned on me that I must have taken so much of that for granted before we left. I want to be better about noticing and savoring these sights…because God is so good to share them with us. :)

  3. Katie – I love that you mention seeking goodness is a discipline. It’s so much easier said than done – even for us optimistic girls. Thank you for sharing a wonderful post with us!

    1. Thank you for letting me share it, Andi! I’m trying, I really am. But it’s still a habit I’m trying to form…and it doesn’t always come easily!

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