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Reflections on the Food Fast {ya kneaux?}

{But first, I must say…your responses in the survey have been so helpful and so kind.  I wish I could respond to each of them!  But I have no idea who you are.  So thank you.  And – if you haven’t headed over to the survey, would you mind?  It’s super quick.  And I get annoyed when people add “super” to everything.  But it is. Click below!}

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{an actual conversation I had with Siri}

After today, I will have three days remaining in the The Food Fast.  If you’d ask me back when I posted {and predicted it to be brutal}, I would have expected this near-the-end post to tell you, for one, how I’m planning to eat some Red Skin Potato Pie at Mellow Mushroom on Friday night.  Or how I’ve been dreaming of the perfect Super Bowl snacks in honor of Mike’s beloved 49ers.

Y’all…it wasn’t as bad as I’d thought.

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In some ways, this bothers me.  In fighting this area of excess, I expected my foundations to be rocked!  I thought I’d have a transformation in food appreciation!  But actually, the parts of the fast that have moved me most were the very subtlest.  {Maybe that’s the point?}

The hardest part of eating “the 10 foods” for an entire month was…habit.  It wasn’t the discipline, the cravings, or the {sometimes fairly gut-wrenching} smells.  Instead, it was telling myself not to squeeze the lemon into my water.  Or – remembering that I couldn’t partake in chips and salsa.  Pulling the apple out of the fridge instead of the grapefruit.  The hardest part was remembering.

byblos chicken & spinach

And y’all – what a total luxury. The fact that I don’t even think about so much of what I put into my mouth makes me near nauseous when I think of the many, many people {some whom I see daily} who can’t even fathom eating food as a habit.  Just this week, I read the statistics…73 countries have 10% or more of its population living on less than $2 a day.  For 35 of the countries…it’s more than half of their population having to exist below that meager amount.  What?!

And here I am, reminding myself not to squeeze the lemon.

lemon and pita

Jen says, in her book, that fasting is like taking off your pants.  You don’t even think about them when they’re on.  But as soon as you remove them – and walk around without them – you are highly aware of your lack of pants!  So in my awareness, and in your reading about it, may we make changes, think better, and make more room for Him.

One other thought…I had two real fears {worries?} about the fast.  I worried that I would feel hungry {like when you diet} and I worried about my blood sugar taking a dive.  I experienced neither.  And – when I confessed these to Mike, he reminded me of the many people who do feel hungry and who do feel the affects of blood sugar…and can do nothing about it.  Yet, I had apples and walnuts in my purse at all. times.

avocado, spinach, wheat bread

Would you like to know the good parts that – actually – count much less?

Coffee and tea.  Perfectly legitimate dessert.


The way I feel.  My cold and allergies evaporated {I felt my head clear up in just a couple of days!}, my skin is clear, I’ve dropped pounds and let’s face it – looser pants are quite nice compensation for giving up chocolate for a few weeks.  I’m so happy with how I physically feel that I think many of my fasting habits will need to carry over.

And finally.  I did make a last-minute weekend trip to see family in Nola over MLK.  Hadn’t counted on that when the food fast started.  Yeah…  {Survive a food fast in New Orleans, I guarantee you can diet on a cruise.}

cafe au lait from cafe du monde

Just sayin’…

{And coming in February…the clothes fast.  More to come.}

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19 thoughts on “Reflections on the Food Fast {ya kneaux?}”

  1. I love how simply a little tweaking
    can give our bodies the rest and recover
    they’re actually craving.
    I gave up eating wheat just before Thanksgiving
    and have lost almost 20 lbs since then…go figure.
    I still miss it sometimes but figure once my body
    adjusts and gets well I’ll be able to wallow
    in a little pile of pancakes again someday.
    And I have just so much more air.
    clothes fast, huh.
    staying tuned.

  2. This post was soooo good! (And I loved your photos! Seeing the Eighth Day bookmark in there put a smile on my face. I’ve been there nonstop the last week studying for my Biology class :) Such good thoughts and truths here – and I am so proud of you! I have to confess my fast didn’t go as well as yours, but I am sticking with some of the principles as well beyond the food fast end date. (I think the food fast is harder for me than clothes – not really sure why). So thankful that you’re writing out this journey and sharing it with us on the blog friend! Oh, and I will definitely still be emailing you about guest posting on the blog – do you think you’d want to post for the ‘Creative Resources’ series, or on something else – whatever you’d like, I would be delighted to feature. :) Blessings, friend!

    1. Thank you, friend! LOVE the bookmarks. I’m even being picky about which books get to use them. :) Oh, biology. I am so sorry. I avoided that one in college. I’m glad you have a great place for studying, though! And the clothes fast…I’m thinking about putting a different spin on it…any ideas? I’m just not sure that her version will jive in my professional world. And I’d love to guest post – I have a couple of sort-of ideas…? I’ll email you.

      Happy studying!

    1. Yes! – SO yummy! And it nearly KILLED me to watch the people around me eating their hummus, greek salad, and pepper jelly cheese sticks…{I shouldn’t even be saying this – I still have two days to not think about food!} But I will be heading there first on my next trip! :)

  3. I am so glad to have found this blog! Some gals from our Late Night Girls Bible Study and I are doing the clothes challenge in February too! And isn’t it so interesting…we chose 10 items, just like your 10 food items! Thanks for sharing and encouraging – I am so excited to see what God reveals to all of us in February :)

    1. Yes! It was one of many concoctions I survived on during January… You’d be surprised by all the ways I mixed up the 7 ingredients. :) (Though I refused to put chicken in an omelette, which my husband didn’t understand. Something about putting the momma in her eggs is disturbing to me… Don’t you think that’s weird, too?) :)

  4. My devotional this morning was Luke 4 — Jesus being tempted in the desert and the first thing he was tempted about was food. You went to NOLA during your fast and made it! Way to go! I’m cheering you on through the fasts to come!

  5. Tim and I co-taught on simplicity at youth group last night and it got me re energized about combating my excess. One of those areas for me is absolutely food. Thanks for sharing your reflections – they are encouraging!

    1. Emily, you are so sweet to stop by today yesterday. :) {clearly, I have been away from the computer} I’m glad you were encouraged. And if you do have a type of food fast, will you please continue to post your delicious-looking recipes! I’m convinced I could be a taste-tester for you…they all look wonderful.

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