clothes fast

The Clothes Fast {or, An Inconvenient Truth}


The clothes fast was delightful.

But it was in no way inconvenient.

{Oh ok.  Other than the instagram posts, which were not at all convenient.  But I do thank you for indulging me.}

clothes fast

I never once went without {thank goodness}.  In seven days’ worth of clothes, I still managed to wear something different for 28 days.  I was comfortable and warm.  I enjoyed myself, which may mean that I hardly severed the ties I hoped to break with clothes.  And any thought of the other clothes hidden away was fleeting.

What did I learn?

I learned that the stock I put into clothes…this outward part of my identity {security?}…  Empty.

I wanted to dress professionally.  No problem.

Creative?  Easier with less.

Uplifted on a down day?  Done.

There was no.thing. that I couldn’t accomplish with fewer options.  I had no excuse, no yearning, no discomfort whatsoever.  Nothing held me down or back.

The inconvenient truth of it is that less clothes are not at all inconvenient.

Or even, that less is actually easier.  Better.


We have now, fittingly, entered into the possessions fast…giving away 7 items a day, a la Jen Hatmaker.  We are stoked about simplifying.  And this time, Mike is joining in the fast.

I’ll keep you posted.

{P.S. – Random pictures above?  Those were Fridays…jeans + school polo days.  I thought the pretty pictures were better.}


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6 thoughts on “The Clothes Fast {or, An Inconvenient Truth}”

  1. I’m inspired to purge even more. Despite my Whatchoo-Wish-You-Were-Wearin’ posts, my closet has been whittled down to probably 10 shirts and 8 pants/skirts, and I find I do just fine with that small wardrobe. So easy to see what you have and make it work!

    Love that you did this, Katie. xo

    1. Thanks, Michelle. It really was fun! Maybe too fun, as I said. But you are so right. And I bet we’d get a lot more value for our clothes if we went simple. The only thing holding me back from a complete whittling is…time. But maybe tomorrow! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Michelle…sounds like it was a lovely week and I hope that continues!

  2. I’m so glad that even with “more”, it still had a big effect on you. …I just wish some of your giving away was in this direction! ;) But, of course, I don’t need it, either. Welcome to month 3, pretty lady.

    1. All thanks to you. :). And believe me, I’ve had to suppress some guilt about not sending stuff your way. Maybe next time. :) Love y’all and miss you…

  3. This is an interesting idea and I think it would really help clear the clutter not only from your closet but from your mind as well. Simplicity mixed with creativity… Plus I’ve always liked the idea of spending more on fewer high-quality pieces. That makes for a solid wardrobe that can be smartly built upon. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Yes, Julie. I noticed that my closet was more…quality when I limited it. And my mind was significantly less burdened during the process! I just went through all of my clothes for the possessions fast and had no problem throwing things out…February made it pretty to simplify.

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