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Why a rock can be a miracle

Scooping through the black ore, gently rinsing way the muck and mire to reveal rocks, minerals, gems.

“If it’s shiny or colorful, don’t throw it out.  It could be something,” he told us.

We sifted through the dirt and mud, cleansing away the things that made the rocks and gems, sand and silt, all the same.  We washed in the stream, waiting with hope and expectancy for the gems mixed in.

Even with our bucketfuls of gems, we wondered what they were.  Which would be great?  Which were “fish tank rocks”?  Which had the potential to be cut, polished, set, part of something really special?

We had many, we learned about them all.  With patience, we sat in wonder as he explained what we’d found, how they were formed, which minerals were attached to the gems.  What parts of the raw stone would be cut, discarded.

All of this sifting, cleaning, waiting, cutting, polishing…seemed so…amazing.  So much to get to one stone of value.

And then I wonder {do you wonder, too?} what is yet to be washed away, cut away, from me? 

Driving away, I tell my {wise} husband how addicting it was to look and search and wait for the perfect stone.  I tell him about my students at school who, year-after-year, are so fascinated with gemstones, looking for them in books, choosing them for research.

“Well, it’s that the earth creates them,” he says to me.

“Baby, God creates him,” I reply {he, of all people, should know}.

“But that’s the beauty of it all.  God, at the beginning of time, set all of this in motion.  So that the earth, after hundreds and hundreds of years of pressure and moving and melting and conflict, the earth produces these gems.  But He started it at the beginning…for us to see His glory and delight in now.

What about you…?  What has given you delight that God put into motion long before you were even aware of His love for you in that way?

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4 thoughts on “Why a rock can be a miracle”

  1. Reminds me or childhood memories. Still bitter that mom wears the aquamarine and hardly the amethyst! Cleary you are her favorite, haha!

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