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When you need grace for the bends

It’s a discipline, I think, to wander through creation and take time to linger and breathe.  How easy it is to see God here, to marvel at His enormity and creativity.

We made an intentional decision to drive part of the Blue Ridge Parkway, the small highway atop the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains.  Off the main highways and twisting and turning, out of the way.

There’s no end to the majesty and grandeur of the Parkway, much less the might and awe it reveals about God, its Sculptor.

“I like the bends in the road the best,” I told my husband.  “The curves.”

It’s a little like life now.  I’m {we’re, he and I} on this journey along an unknown road that is beautiful, in its own way…  And yet, there are bends, and spaces we don’t see beyond.  Spaces… mostly too close for our comfort.

What do you do when you approach a bend?

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4 thoughts on “When you need grace for the bends”

  1. I love that. How boring life would be if we always knew the outcome before going on the journey! Also love the be kind, work hard in another post. Great stuff ktb.

  2. When I am able to actually see a bend coming, I think a lot on Proverbs 31:25 . . . She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. (NIV)

    Or worded a little differently–She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. (NLT)

    I am actually going to do a post on this sometime soon because this verse and a message I heard on it have been really meaningful to me. In college, I learned that the phrase that is translated “she smiles/she laughs/she will rejoice” carries the picture of a woman throwing her head back and laughing (because she knows God and trusts him with her future). I just love that picture.

    1. Those are great words, Amber… What a fantastic picture. I’m trying to reflect more and more on the goodness of God. When I see His goodness, both in my life and the lives of others – as well as His goodness in the Bible, of course – I can trust Him in the scary unknown. Still learning, though. :)

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