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Goodness grows

Have you wondered how to define Goodness?  Not the “little-g” goodness of things or organizations {though wonderful they are}, but Goodness – the Father {Creator} of good…  I know God is good.  To show it, encapsulate it in words, pictures…I don’t know.

When I was in Nola recently, I was taking a few shots of my parents’ Post-Katrina home.  They moved in last year, more than six years after the storm.  I noticed that they’d planted {well, someone had planted} two baby crepe myrtles in their front yard.

I don’t know if that choice in landscaping had anything to do with this, but I was reminded of another picture of a crepe myrtle…not in my camera, but in my mind…and it came precisely into my memory along with the word, “Goodness.”  And so I dug and I found it.

This picture is my mom’s finger pointing to the crepe myrtle outside of their old Nola townhome {they were renting, lived there a month}.  It was our salvaging day.  If you could see what I’d cropped, she’s wearing head-to-toe clothes for cleaning, a medical mask pulled on top of her head, borrowed rainboots {pre-Hunter era}, and not a lick of makeup within 50 feet {i.e. – I was taking this picture}.  Their house flooded, the entire grounds, land, flora of Nola was dead.  But she saw the tree.  And it was blooming.

That is Goodness.  And to think He had set this into motion blows my mind.

What is Goodness to you?

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