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My sister prayed me through this song.  Some day, when I am very brave, I will share the deep sadness that made this what I needed today.

My husband, Mike, and I have been wondering if blessings from the Lord have anything at all to do with things.  If I say I am blessed with food, does that mean God isn’t blessing the hungry?  Or even, that the hungry have been – cursed?  If I think I am blessed with a job, does that mean the unemployed are cursed?  If I say I am blessed with a husband, does that mean that God hasn’t blessed those without?  Or  – that God has cursed them.  No.

Maybe His blessings are the things we can’t touch, but that He has given without reserve.  Peace.  Wisdom.  Comfort.  Nearness.  Ironically, these seem most evident in the difficult times…times when we may not say, “I’m good.  I’m blessed.”

So much for being the Big Sister when the little one is taking care of me.


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