vintage crate credenza

{tutorial} vintage crate credenza

STEP ONE:Doesn’t it feel good to finish a long project?  A few weeks ago, Mike and I finally finished a vintage crate credenza that had been in the works since January!  Whether you want to make your own or you’re using vintage crates for another project, read on for some tips we learned along the way…

collect vintage crates

We first discovered our favorite local antique store in January…it’s less than a mile from our home.  They had a couple of crates on sale and we had been on the hunt for some for awhile. Because we bought the ones they had, they gave us a good price.  Then, they took our information and called us every few weeks as new crates arrived.

Collecting Tip:  Find an antique dealer and ask them to keep you in mind.  It takes out some of the searching pains and – you may get a great deal!


cleaning vintage crates

This was the part of the project that involved the culmination of a lot of research.  How do you {fairly painlessly} clean that old wood, getting rid of the mysterious dirt without warping the charm?  We decided on a two-step process.

Cleaning Tip:  We disinfected each crate with this super-safe, powerful, natural cleaner {a concentrate, so we diluted it with water according to the label}.  Then, we vacuumed the crates with a brush attachment.  I think vacuuming is how we will be dusting the credenza in the future.

STEP THREE: Putting it Together

vintage crate credenza

As our crates were all different {which we wanted}, it took a bit of shifting around to find the right arrangement.  We also had to remove one of the back slats of the crate holding the DVD player and cable-thingy so that we could more easily hook up all of the wires.

Set-up Tip:  Be careful of splinters and nails!  We pushed and pulled on a few.  If we had little ones, we would have needed to do a more thorough sanding and nail-covering.  If you have kiddos and are working with crates, that could be a pretty big part of the job!

STEP FOUR: Fluffing and prettifying

vintage crate credenza

Arranging all the little pretties is just a process…that in our house, will probably never end.  But we have been really happy with the outcome so far.

vintage crate credenza

I went with several neutral prints and knick-knacks.  Our living room walls are grey with a white chair rail and we have sunny yellow accessories around the room for some color.  We do have a {pretty tiny} media collection that is hiding in a side table in the living room.  Just seemed too detracting from our pretty crates to stick it right there under the TV like normal people.

vintage crate credenza

So this little crate contains an interesting combination.  Mike drew that picture, like, back in high school.  I dug it up when we moved into our home and took it upon myself to frame it.  He had no choice.  We were married in that church, so it was fantastic.  The pitcher?  A lovely wedding gift…given to us in 2010, six years after our wedding.  Absolutely better late than never!

vintage crate credenza

Yes, I stick book pages on anything or in anything that will hold still long enough.  Who doesn’t these days?  Plus, you have to know my affinity for books {here, for one}.

So what do you think?  Ready to tackle your own crate project?  You totally should.

{And if you haven’t entered the giveaway, you can always buy that cleaner from Amazon once you have your fill of books!}


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14 thoughts on “{tutorial} vintage crate credenza”

  1. Awesome project. You make it easy with the tutorial. I, too, love book page projects. I have a pinterist board dedicated to it! Have you tried burning the candle in it?

    1. Hi Pamela! Thanks for commenting and for the nice words! A pinterest board – what a great idea…I will have to find you in just a minute. I haven’t put any candles in them…they are just empty {one is a bud vase}. Actually, I’ve never thought of that. That would make a really pretty glow, wouldn’t it? I guess you’d just have to figure out a way to treat the paper so it doesn’t burn…any ideas? That would be really pretty!

    1. For sure you recognize it!!! We love it. I may one day frame it, but I really like it in the mat {matte?}! And I don’t want it to get all nasty, so it will have to remain in the plastic for now. But it is very lovely and perfect!

  2. Hi! I just noticed your blog was right under mine on Emily’s today. I LOVE this idea for the crates! Don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this trend :) Nice work!

    1. I totally agree – if we didn’t do something with them, they could easily take over the house! :) I just subscribed to your blog as well… I am excited to read more of your posts, too!

  3. This is really cute. I have a crate I’ve been dragging around for years and just recently found some local sources for more. Thanks for the info on cleaning them up!!

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